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Mastercard Partners Fime to Test Solutions for Quantum Computing



Mastercard has recognized Fime to test solutions in line with the Mastercard’s Enhanced Contactless specifications. The Ecos specifications look to future-proof contactless solutions against new technologies such as quantum computing. Allowing consumers, merchants and financial institutions to benefit from enhanced convenience, trust and privacy.

Contactless payments are showing no signs of slowing down. Providing flexibility to merchants, convenience and security to consumers is key to the continuation of this trend. Fime offers consulting tools and testing expertise to device manufacturers, acquirers, and merchants to enable fast, secure, and effortless contactless payments.

Fime enables its clients to create and launch secure solutions with consulting and testing services in payments, smart mobility, biometrics, authentication and open banking. It offers a global cross-industry perspective, local insight and certification. Fime works to help its clients turn ideas into reality, take products to market and achieve a competitive advantage. Fime turns powerful innovations into the future of trusted transactions.

Lionel Grosclaude, CEO at Fime, comments: “As contactless use cases continue to grow, it’s fundamental that we protect the whole value chain. Security, trust and privacy are key as the digital payments landscape evolves. Fime is dedicated to supporting the roll-out of quantum-resistant technology to deliver next-generation contactless solutions.”

Recently, IBS Intelligence reported that Fime announced a partnership with Bridge, powered by European open banking solutions provider Bankin’, to speed up their APIs’ functional and security testing to achieve exemption from the fallback mechanism under the PSD2 regulation. The collaborative API Testing platform allows Fime to test whether banks’ API open banking aligns with the European regulations.