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Paymynt Introduces MYNT PayCard, Bankless Smart Card


PAYMYNT Financial, a Boston based next-generation financial technology growth app provider, has announced the launch of MYNT PayCard, a multicurrency hardware wallet.

The new MYNT PayCard uses advanced microchip technology and is a reloadable smart card that allows users to store and spend multiple cryptocurrencies. It is both a cryptocurrency wallet and a payment card. MYNT PayCard is leveraging Tangem‘s chip-to-chain technology. Paymynt Financial’s members will be able to reload, send, and receive multiple cryptocurrencies through blockchain technology.

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“Chip-to-Chain technology brings bankless, blockchain services to global audiences. This is especially important for the underserved communities, who are unable to access traditional financial services due to excessive fees or minimal credit history. We’re looking forward to bringing financial inclusion to all consumers,” said Michael Rosa, CEO at Paymynt.

Recently, PAYMYNT Financial acquired cryptocurrency paytech firm LettucePay.

Founded in 2018, Paymynt Financial Group is a mobile commerce and technology finance company created with the overall mission of making the financial rewards and saving industries better. The company believes blockchain technology and digital currencies to be the future of financial technology. Its next-generation mobile shopping app, ‘PAYMYNT’ integrates online shopping, digital banking, peer-to-peer payments, and financial investments into an all-in-one mobile platform.