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Barclays Rolls out Digital Receipts for Efficient Service Delivery


Barclays has begun the roll out of digital receipts from Flux to users of its mobile banking app.

Customers who pay using their Barclays debit card for in store purchases at H&M, shoe retailer schuh and food outlets, which include Just Eat and Papa Johns, will see their receipts sent automatically to their app after making a purchase. Recipts can be called up and viewed by ttapping on the transaction.

Founded in 2016, Flux was accepted on Barclays London-based fintech accelerator programme, Rise, and graduated in 2017 after proving the product’s viability for both retailers and consumers.

Barcays took a mintory stake in the firm in January last year.

Ruchir Rodrigues, global head of digital & platforms at Barclays says: “The pandemic has shown an increasing desire among consumers for the safety and security offered by a low-touch environment which digital receipts, along with other solutions such as contactless payments, enable.

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The introduction of the digital receipts feature in the Barclays app gives customers a way to conveniently get an itemised receipt of their purchase straight into their app, offering them greater control and ease when managing their money.”

The relationship with Barclays is expected to unlock fresh growth potential for Flux, providing access to the UK bank’s considerable merchant customer base and enrolling more retailers onto the platform.