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NIPOST, Baba and 40 Thieves



Once again, Dr Isa Ali Pantami has moved quickly in hours, to save the masses from the claw-hold of some saboteurs in Government by halting the proposed licensing fees that NIPOST plans to charge courier companies operating in Nigeria

In my blog article “Konga and the travails of e-commerce in Nigeria”  written when Yudala bought Konga, I listed one of the challenges confronting e-Commerce companies like Konga as:

“High logistic costs. I wish NIPOST was existent and efficient and handles the last mile for e-commerce in Nigeria. They are setup to do it; someone just does not think it is development to do it, like yesterday”.

The same NIPOST now wakes up, and goes to put the cost of licensing Municipal delivery companies at N1m and SMEs at N250k. Over what?  Instead of doing what it was setup to do, it is trying to kill all the companies that have risen to save us from their crass ineptitude. Haba!

This is clearly a case for Babatunde Irukera’s Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC)  to look at! Imagine not having any of those logistic companies during the pandemic? Just imagine it!

Whoever is the strategist or economist that worked for NIPOST in arriving at the new Courier Licensing charges should have their professional license withdrawn. Is it anyone from the big accounting firms in Nigeria? We want to know! I will be submitting an official request to NIPOST under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.

Indeed, we need to name them and shame them, those are the “so called professionals” illegally arming the people who are fleecing and killing the country. It is high time we begin to expose the saboteurs of the masses in Nigeria.

What we need to do, through the honourable Minister, is to even the playing field.

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  1. NIPOST Should not be responsible for Licensing Courier companies. It is akin to MTN licensing Telecom Companies. We need to move that function to a department in the Communications and Digital Economy Ministry.
  2. NIPOST itself should be paying Licensing fees. We want to know how much NIPOST paid as Licensing fees in the year 2020. Where is it published? They cannot hold the yam and the knife and not be accountable to the people.
  3. NIPOST should no longer enjoy any subvention from Government. Indeed, its privatization is long overdue, but it should not be done like the way we privatized electricity distribution in Nigeria. Time to restructure it.
  4. Those Logistic Companies are better organized and able to out-flank NIPOST in all departments. See the army of motorcycles that MaxNG, Gokada, O-Ride etc can deploy and organize using Technology? Time to empower them!
  5. We have not even recovered from the Stamp Duty collection on Bank Deposits. Who is argue with who on contract around deposits into our accounts? Now salt is being added to injury? We will revisit the stamp-duty matter shortly.
  6. Honourable Minister should get the FCCPC to look at this preposterous proposition of NIPOST. It should not stand in the form it is being put out.

Honourable Minister, we are counting on you to lead us to do the needful as outlined above, beyond the suspension.