Accelerating Access to Cross-Border Transfers In-Minutes


The advancement of Western Union’s global cross-border, cross-currency money movement platform – including international real-time cross-border transfers, global settlement capabilities, network, compliance and technology systems — is positioning the company as the world’s foremost integrator of money movement and payments, globalizing services for its own customers as well for financial institutions and other payment providers.

In addition to its expansive digital footprint and settlement and compliance infrastructure, Western Union boasts a global retail network with in-minutes payout to more than 550,000 agent locations across more than 200 countries and territories.

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Western Union’s recently announced open-platform strategy is allowing the company to innovatively connect the digital and physical worlds of money while helping leading organizations scale their services globally. The company offers banks and other payment providers a portfolio of application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate with its cross-border, cross-current money movement platform with the added benefit of Western Union’s treasury management, reconciliation, and global compliance capabilities.