COVID-19: Bolt Urges Customers to Switch to Card Payments in Nigeria  


Bolt, the Estonian cab hailing company has appealed to its numerous customers in Nigeria to switch to card payments in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The World Health Organisation has recently advised consumers to avoid handling bank notes and should instead switch to contactless payments to deter the spread of the deadly virus.

In an email message sent to their customers, Bolt Team explained that, “to limit the amount of contact needed, we urge you to switch to a cashless payment option.”

Bolt explained that why card payments are safer than cash payments. “Credit cards are contactless, meaning it decreases the risk of germs being transmitted. Bolt Payments are handled by leading payment processors, who are compliant with the industry’s information security standards.”

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While describing the added convenience the switch to cashless option would bring to the ride-hailing experience, it noted that “not to mention of how convenient it is – get in a car, be driven to your destination and get out. No need to wait for change or use the bank terminal. We will always email you the receipt.”