Customers Commend Social Lender for its Social Reputation Score


Seye Joseph

Customers that have used the Social Lender’s lending platform at one point or the other have commended the company for its social reputation on mobile, online and social media platforms to provide loans for them.

Social Lender is a lending solution platform designed to bridge the gap of immediate fund access for people with limited access to formal credit through the use of its own proprietary algorithm to perform a social audit of the user on social media, online and other related platforms.

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One of the customers Stephen Isiaka said he has been using Social Lender platform right from his undergraduate days and turned to the platform whenever he  has no cash.

“I heard about the platform  on Facebook during my undergraduate days. The experience has been great for me because whenever I need a  loan, the first thing I think of was Social Lender and within 15 minutes of applying for it, my account will be credited”, he said.

Isiaka also pointed that the benefits of using the platform outweighs that of the   of the traditional bank .

“I have introduced the platform to a couple of my friends. They have used it and I can testify they enjoy using the platform”, he recalled.

Recounting his own experience, Oluseyi Famade said that he started using the platform when he got a job in Lagos.

According to Famade, “I was looking for a lending platform that will lend me money to finance myself at that time. I got Social Lender and they  loaned me N5, 000.

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He pointed that he has used the platform many times successfully

Therefore, Famade urged the management of Social Lender to introduce a mobile app and  reduce its lending rates to attract and reach more customers.

He  pointed out that  he paid extra N400 whenever he repays his loan via the online  and that this  does not happen on other platforms. , .

John Tonye said that he used  the Social Lender platform because of its affordable lending rates and that  he had done so many  times.

“I stopped using the platform  because of the system upgrade and later return ”, he said.

Tonye asked that  the repayment  rate should be reviwed  on the platform, saying that when a loan has been repaid, it should qualify customers for a higher loan.