Vetiva Launches ‘Akiba’, Lifestyle and Investment Platform

Vetiva’s Research Analyst, Joshua Odebisi

Seye Joseph

Vetiva, a Pan African financial services company has launched ‘Akiba’ a digital community platform that provides financial literacy and lifestyle related information that allowed people make informed decisions on their financial savings and investments.

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Vetiva’s Research Analyst, Joshua Odebisi who spoke with Fintech Africa explained that Akiba is a community of like-minded individuals that are eager to learn and reach success through the platform to have access to investment opportunities that are aligned with their financial goals.

“Akiba means saving in Swahili, we are giving people online platform for savings and investment, as well as creating a community of like-minded Individuals and millennials who want to come together to learn about investment opportunities,

It’s not enough to save money; people must have the right information to make the right investment decision. Akiba gives information to people to make investment decision on when and how to invest. It also gives people access to educational tools that allow them to make informed decisions”

He further mentioned that Akiba is not like other platforms that only take savings and investment only.

“As we tell them to invest, we also give them the right information. If you are not savvy in economics and right ways of making investments, you can make wrong decision and block yourself in a deal that  is not actually the best’

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If you have a Naira 100,000, someone can put it in a savings account that is 5% interest when they could put it in an alternative investment that could give them 15 or 20%, so when we give them such information and data from Akiba, they can make better decision and there is no any other platforms that doing that”, he explained.

Odebisi said that Akiba has access to all banks financial statements, stocks, bonds they interpret and push to people to savings and investments.





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