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Nigeria’s Top Fintech Events to Attend in 2020


Strategic planning and proper implementation are crucial to business growth and career development. Through top-class events and conferences, business owners and industry leaders bring vibrancy to their businesses and stay above major competitors in a competitive environment.

When growing a financial company, it’s vital to keep up with the latest FinTech innovations and new trends in the financial services space. And there’s no greater opportunity than to attend the highest-rated fintech events.

In light of this, Fintech Africa has compiled the list of 2020 major fintech events that provide insightful thoughts, ideas and marketing values to both financial experts and their businesses.

Reasons to attend Financial Services & FinTech Conferences in 2020

  • Network with like-minded professionals from around the globe
  • Learn the latest Financial Services news and FinTech trends
  • Showcase and discover new industry innovations
  • Build a lead generation channel
  • Streamline your company’s processes
  • Collaborate with peers and engage with prospects
  • Educate your team on new innovations and opportunities
  • Increase the exposure of your brand
  • Scale-up your financial business

Abuja Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference

Abuja Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference is a strong advocate for Blockchain Technology in Nigeria and works with all levels of government such as SEC Nigeria, NITDA, NDIC CBN and other stakeholders to support business/employment growth and career opportunities in Blockchain Technology, in other to promote and sustain community development initiatives, enhance consumer safety and industry competitiveness.

It also provides a full range of services and programs including education and training, benchmarking and best practices, networking, advocacy, and industry information. BNUG recently launched a #BlockchainDev1000 initiative aimed at training 1,000 blockchain developer skill-sets across Nigeria within 2 years.

To register visit: https://blockchainnigeria.group/

Blockchain Innovations and Investments

The platform that connects the Blockchain startups, enterprises, developers, investors and crypto-enthusiasts in Lagos, Nigeria to define the future of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency, it provides companies and investors opportunities to source premier talents and investment projects.

The event is organised in the first week of November each year in Lagos and it aims to bring distinguished professionals to discuss actual topics and blockchain innovations in Nigeria.

Visit https://africa.chatex.com/ for registration.

Digital Banking Summit 2020

Digital Banking Summit – Innovation and  Excellence Awards 2020 is a two-day summit bringing together experts, industry leaders, blockchain pioneers, technology gurus, payments and innovative solution providers from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Togo, Ethiopia, Uganda, and 13 other countries from across the globe, to explore how this new era of disruption will permeate and reshape the BFSI Space across Africa and in turn has its impact across the globe.

The event provides strategic transformation in four important areas that banks should prioritize: technological advancements, security & risk management, payments and financial inclusion. The event will come live between 6th and  7th of April, 2020 in Lagos. The event is organised by the International Center for Strategic Alliances.

To register visit: https://nigeriadigitalbanking.com/

Digital Pay Expo

Digital Pay Expo is a major fintech event that focuses on emerging markets are constantly innovating in the field of payments, from using low-cost mobile money for remittances to enabling differentiated banks for financial inclusion. The fintech aims to see bigger innovations in these economies.

The event targets trends and major development critical to shaping the nature of expansion and driving innovation. This annual event is hosted by Intermarc Consulting and is one of the top events in the digital payments space in Africa. This year’s edition will make it the 20th anniversary of the conference.

To register visit: http://digitalpayexpo.com/

Fintech Foundry Disrupt (AFFDisrupt) Conference

Africa FinTech Foundry (AFF) is a pan-African accelerator aimed at inspiring, training, mentoring and investing funding into growth stage technology startups operating primarily in the FinTech space.

The event which holds in the second week of May each year seeks to incubate and empower fintechs startups in Africa.

The conference also involves interactive masterclasses with inspiring keynote speakers from across the globe, informative fireside chats, thought-provoking panel discussions and groundbreaking innovative demos.

It targets tech startups entrepreneurs in residence, tech enthusiast, global tech companies, industry leaders, government and venture capitalist.

Visit http://www.affdisrupt.com/ for registration.

Lagos Fintech Week

Lagos Fintech Week (LFW) is an invigorating week of distinct FinTech events that delivers exciting discussions, stimulating demos and insightful debates. Whether you’re a start-up, technology company, investor, financial institution, research institute or innovation professional, you’ll want to be part of it.

LFW is an annual event that is organised by strategic communications firm, eMaginations and held in April every year. The event holds on April 14-17, 2020. It  was designed to bring together with the fintech ecosystem, help build a relationship, share knowledge and create business opportunities.

It covers technology topics such as authentication, advanced sensors, digital and mobile payments, APIs, blockchain, big data and learning machine, as well as case studies and panels in consumer banking, corporate banking, financial markets and insurance.

To register visit: https://lagosfintechweek.com.ng

Nigeria Fintech Week

The Nigeria Fintech Week is a week-long event that hopes to critically examine the key sustaining factors of the Fintech innovation in Nigeria.

It brings thoughtful financial leaders together to build a strong relationship and discuss innovative technology.  It conference has become a major driver of financial inclusion, a key component of digitalized Africa agenda of the AU, UN and other global bodies.

The event is regarded as one of the most important subjects of discussion appropriate policy and regulation, incentivisation and infrastructure amongst others.

The Nigeria Fintech Week critically examines key sustaining factors of the Fintech innovation such as bridging the gender gap in fintech practices, consumer protection, and privacy issues, alternative local fundraise and investment for Fintechs, stimulation of better policy regime, harnessing continental fintech efforts for a unified African Fintech Market, addressing the talent and skill drain in certain aspects of fintech.

Visit https://nigeriafintechweek.org to register.

Inclusive Finance Nigeria Conference and  Awards (IFINCA)

Inclusive Finance Nigeria Conference and Awards (IFINCA) is a national platform to deliberate on issues related to financial inclusion, financial education and financial stability.

IFINCA is a national policy platform on financial inclusion set up with the objective of enabling cross-pollination of best practices and breakthroughs, specifically to influence Nigeria’s Financial Inclusion Strategy and campaign.

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It strives to bring together all the stakeholders in the Financial Inclusion value chain and to help create an eco-system where all efforts collaborate and contribute to a large aggregate outcome.

The event is organised annually during the Financial Inclusion Week.

Visit https://www.infinca.com.ng/ for registration.

Nigeria Innovation Summit

The Nigeria Innovation Summit is an annual event that focuses on the need for the country, businesses, organisations, entrepreneurs in Nigeria to become more innovative and use innovation to drive sustainable development.

This Summit helps Nigeria embrace innovation and move in the direction of digital transformation through the use of Emerging Technologies and Trends, Research, Development, Commercialization, Entrepreneurship and Investments as the key drivers of an innovation ecosystem. This platform creates awareness on the need for Open Innovation in Nigeria, and challenges Nigeria to leverage innovation to become more competitive in the global economy.

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This is an initiative led by Emerging Media and Advertising Services, New York, and Emerging Media Nigeria. We partner with the world’s leading innovation providers from the academic community, government and industry in order to connect Nigerian businesses and innovators to global innovation ecosystems.

The key features of the Nigeria Innovation Summit are the keynote presentations and panel discussions from industry/business leaders, government, investors, international organisations, top entrepreneurs, CEOs, and innovation managers across the world and across the focus sectors.

Visit https://innovationsummit.ng/ for details.