Africa is Measuring Up in Fintech Space for Financial Inclusion

Business Development Manager, XH Smart, South Africa, Jatil Nana

Seye Joseph

Business Development Manager, XH Smart, South Africa, Jatil Nana has said  fintech development in Africa is  measuring up to aid more access to financial services and simplify the means of payments in the continent.

Nana said that fintech space in Africa is obviously measuring up for change and lots of technologies that are being used overseas are now also available  here to foster economic growth and attract  more people into the financial inclusion space.

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He described XH Smart as one of the companies pioneering payment space through the financial technology, adding  that what they have done is to provide payments solution to the banks and middle-men across the continent through the use of mobile application they have introduced instead of using traditional banking services of accessing cash.

Nana added that the application is safer and more convenient for people to use in carrying out  any transaction they want to make.

“One of our key products is that XH Smarte create a lifestyle on the app. You can do everything on it, sush as pay for utility bills, transfer money, buy call cards, book hotels and all sorts”, he explained.

He gave  examples of traditional banks in South Africa that  are rendering services and have not changed in many years, saying that what XH Smart has created is fast, nimble and what will make people’s life convenient to do banking in a very different way.

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Nana said that they are looking for business partnership in Nigeria to expand their business scopes.

“Obviously we are looking at business to business case and how to merge up with the right partners in Nigeria that could be either startups or small companies to further expand XH Smart in Nigeria for further business opportunities”, he said.

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