Ghana’s 25 Most Influential Fintech Leaders

Meet the 25 most influential fintech leaders in Ghana, the largest mobile money market in West Africa. The list of the 25 Most Influential Fintech Leaders in Ghana highlights some of the finest startups and businesses that have been forged in the crucible of the fintech explosion in Ghana.

The leaders have had to meet some or all of the following criteria, which include set up a ground-breaking fintech startup that has set the precedent for the rest of the industry; utilized tech to make a significant contribution to the financial space; driven force in the evolution of finance; invested in technology that is changing the way individuals and businesses manage their finances.


CURTIS VANDERPUIJE Co-founder & CEO of ExpressPay
PAUL KWESI DAMALIE Co-founder of Inclusive Innovations Inc
ANDREW TAKYI-APPIAH Co-founder & Managing Director, Zeepay
Carol Caruso CEO, Founder Bloom Impact
DERRYDEAN DADZIE CEO, Ghana Chamber of Technology
ARCHIE HESSE CEO of Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS)


Founder & CEO, Clydestone
ALEX BRAM Co-founder and CEO, Hubtel
ELI HINI Head, Mobile Financial Services (MFS), MTN Ghana


 CEO, IT Consortium


CEO and Founder of BlueSPACE Africa


CEO, PaySwitch
Dr AMEDIKU SETTOR KWABLA Head of Payment Systems, Central Bank of Ghana
KWAME OPPONG Fintech Technical Advisor to the Bank of Ghana


Co-founder and CEO, DreamOval
CLARA ARTHUR GM, Project & Business Development, GhIPSS
PATRICK GEORGE QUANTSON Head, Digital Transformation, Stanbic Bank Ghana
EBOW QUAYSON Head, E-Business, Agricultural Development Bank
BERTHOLD GADAGBUI Head, Mobile Financial Services, Ecobank Ghana Limited
IGNATIUS COBBINA Head, Cards and e-Banking Operations, Ecobank Ghana
OPHELIA AMA ONI Strategy and Business Development for Inclusive Banking, Fidelity Bank
LEOPOLD ARMAH Divisional Head, Digital Banking and Alliances, Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana


Sector Head Retail Banking, Zenith Bank Ghana
BRIGHT KPLORLA AGBOTTAH Market Representative, West Africa, UnionPay International


  1. CURTIS VANDERPUIJE | Co-founder & CEO of ExpressPay

Curtis Vanderpuije is co-founder and CEO of ExpressPay, where he oversees several aspects of ExpressPay including B2B and B2C segments of the business. Prior to starting ExpressPay, Curtis spent several years at Visa’s headquarters in San Francisco, USA where he was part of the global corporate strategy team.

Curtis developed expertise in the e-commerce and mobile payments space, driving key aspects of CyberSource and Fundamo post-acquisition strategies. Curtis holds Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters of Engineering in Manufacturing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He also has a Masters of Science degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Singapore’s Nanyang Technology University (NTU).


  1. PAUL KWESI DAMALIE | Co-founder of Inclusive Innovations Inc

Paul Kwesi Damalie is the co-founder of Inclusive Innovations Inc. Appruve, its product makes it easy for financial services to verify individuals and businesses all over Africa. Paul is the Chapter Lead of Next Money in Accra; the global thought leader community for stakeholders within the financial services and technology ecosystem. Paul organizes events (meetups and conferences) that create opportunities for stakeholders to discuss current trends, network and influence policy in the financial services ecosystem.
Paul also has business interest in the fast moving consumer goods industry and tourism.

Paul has consulted for fintech startups and new market entrants into West Africa and works closely with fintech innovation programmes, accelerators and investors and financial inclusion research institutions due to his extensive network within the industry. Some of Paul’s roles include advisor for MasterCard Foundation Research on Ghana Fintech Ecosystem led by Caribou Digital; consultant for U.K. Trade and Investment on Ghana’s Fintech Ecosystem and partner for Afrikoin; leading African Fintech Conference by Savannah venture capitalist.

  1. ANDREW TAKYI-APPIAH | Co-founder & Managing Director, Zeepay

Andrew Takyi-Appiah is the co-founder and Managing Director of Zeepay. He is an expert in banking and mobile payments with over 15 years’ experience in banking and business development. Andrew’s experience spans the world of marketing and banking where he has held various positions. Andrew has worked with many institutions including the Commonwealth Secretariat, Nestlé, Barclays UK, GTBank, Ecobank, UT Bank and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Andrew speaks on mobile payments and banking and has been a guest speaker at several international conferences. His passion is in financial inclusion and mobile payments. He is a product of University of Hull and University of California, Los Angeles. Andrew has lived and worked in Europe, North America and Africa. In Africa Andrew has experience and exposure in more than seven markets including Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa. Andrew was also part of key retail deployments across Africa and has in-depth retail and payments experience.


Philip is a libertarian and a founder of Pak Universal Services and the founder of Dream Foundation Ghana. Philip wants to empower Ghana and Africa in general by helping to spread the use of Bitcoin and the blockchain platform that enables cryptocurrencies and many other new technologies.

  1. Carol Caruso | CEO, Founder Bloom Impact

Carol is the founder of Bloom Impact, a Fintech marketplace for Africa, driving access to finance for the MSMEs. Bloom Impact provides loans, savings and other financial products to under-served and unbanked small business owners, disrupting how banking is delivered and making it cheaper, convenient and hassle- free for the banks and entrepreneurs.

Carol is a results-oriented, innovative leader with over 20 years of global business development and digital technology experience. Carol has a strong reputation for driving social impact by helping institutions digitally transform and realize their social & financial mission. Aside working in developed and emerging markets in the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and LATAM, Carol’s expertise is in developing strategies and implementation of innovative online and mobile technology for the financial services, telcos, social impact, retail, e-commerce, Fintech and health.

  1. DERRYDEAN DADZIE | CEO, Ghana Chamber of Technology

Derrydean Dadzie, Chief Executive Officer, Ghana Chamber of Technology. Derrydean is an accomplished technology entrepreneur with keen inclination for creating smarter and enriching life experiences for people and society.  After leaving Ashesi University with a Computer Science Degree, Derrydean co-founded DreamOval Limited in 2007. As the company’s CEO, Derrydean led DreamOval’s growth and transformation including expanding their footprints across multiple countries.

In 2018, Derrydean left DreamOval after leading the company for 11 years to explore his creative predilections and new curiosities including helping businesses and governments in their digital transformation journeys. At the Ghana Chamber of Technology, Derrydean works with key stakeholders to create a very viable and robust technology ecosystem in Ghana.  

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Derrydean is passionate about innovation, Fintech, social design, and people development, and he believes technology innovation is the optimal pathway to Africa’s transformation. He is a proponent of the idea that Africa can experience true independence and economic progress if business and technology innovation becomes the core of our economic and empowerment conversations.

  1. ARCHIE HESSE | CEO of Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS)

Archie Hesse is the CEO of Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Central Bank with the mandate to transform Ghana into an electronic payments society.

Archie joined GhIPSS in 2007 as the GM in charge of projects and business development, and while in this role, he supported the implementation of a National Biometric Smart Card Banking and Payment System, e-zwich, the Cheque Codeline Clearing (CCC) system, the Ghana Automated Clearing House (GACH) systems for direct debit and direct credit, and the National Switching and Processing System, gh-link, until his appointment as CEO in July 2012.

  1. PAUL JACQUAYE |Founder & CEO, Clydestone

A serial entrepreneur, Paul is always seeking challenging opportunities and pioneering roles to create new or grow businesses with the aim of creating employment and wealth to grow Ghana’s economy, and to inspire others to achieve. Paul’s vision is to build a Pan African group with global outreach, delivering information and communication technology and financial services.

From 2006 to 2011, Paul was a member of the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) council, member of the Listing Committee of the GSE council, Chairman of the Finance Committee of the GSE Council and Chairman Committee of Experts GSE Automation. He is fondly referred to as Grandmaster of Fintech in Ghana.

9. ALEX BRAM | Co-founder and CEO, Hubtel


Alex Adjei Bram is the CEO of Hubtel, Ghana’s first business-grade, fully integrated, all-platform payment acceptance solution. Under his leadership, Hubtel, the then SMSGH, a young Ghanaian IT company, was named among the 2012 edition of Forbes Africa Magazine’s Top 20 Technology Start-Up Companies in Africa.

  1. ELI HINI | Head, Mobile Financial Services (MFS), MTN Ghana

Eli Hini is the Head of Mobile Financial Services (MFS) at MTN Ghana. He is a Chartered Marketer with over 17 years’ experience serving in various leadership positions in MTN Ghana, Unilever Ghana and Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Prior to his new appointment, he was the Commercial Senior Manager for MTN Mobile Money, a role he held from August 2008. Eli has been instrumental in setting up Mobile Money in Ghana and growing the subscriber base, transaction volumes and value.

  1. ROMEO BUGYEI| CEO, IT Consortium

Romeo Bugyei is currently the Managing Director of IT Consortium. He has extensive experience in process reengineering, IT management, mobile money operations and related integrations. His company, IT Consortium, was one of the first companies in the country to introduce mobile money as means of payment instead of just money transfer.

Romeo has been involved in the design and implementation of a system for financial institutions, insurance companies and many other industries using digital means of payments, on the web, mobile phone and tablet. He has been a discussant on many issues relating to digital payments, financial data aggregation and the use of the phone as a means of targeting the informal sectors of the economy for financial inclusion.

  1. SAMUEL AMANOR | CEO and Founder of BlueSPACE Africa

Samuel Amanor is the CEO and founder of BlueSPACE Africa Technologies and BlueSPACE Financial Services.

Samuel is a technology maverick with over 18 years’ experience and in-depth knowledge on how to leverage technology to meet pressing needs across the business spectrum. As CEO for BlueSPACE Africa, a financial technology integration company, he leads a team of developers, engineers and partners in four continents, building financial backbone systems and infrastructure that enable secure and efficient transactions.

  1. KOJO CHOI| CEO, PaySwitch

Kojo Choi is a Chinese entrepreneur and the CEO of PaySwitch Company, a Ghanaian company that provides alternative payment processing services to the banks and non-banking financial institutions. The PaySwitch platform currently hosts 168 banks and of this figure, 70 are global national banks.

The services provided by PaySwitch include switching (issuing and acquiring), card hosting and management, fraud prevention and detection and payment aggregation (web acquiring). Kojo is a product of SOS International College. He graduated with a B.Sc. Business Administration from the University of Ghana in 2002.

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  1. Dr AMEDIKU SETTOR KWABLA | Head of Payment Systems, Central Bank of Ghana

Dr. Amediku Kwabla is the Head of Payment Systems at the Central Bank of Ghana. Dr Kwabla is an Economist/Chartered Accountant with over 22 years’ experience. He has a vast experience as a banking regulator and supervisor, having worked at the Central Bank of Ghana since1996.

In June 2012, Dr Kwabla presented a paper on the Role of Trade in Financial Services to Economic Growth and Development: Ghana’s Experience at a workshop on trade in financial services and development, organized by the World Trade Organization Committee on Trade in Financial Services held in Geneva.

  1. KWAME OPPONG | Fintech Technical Advisor to the Bank of Ghana

Kwame Oppong is a Digital Financial Services (DFS) expert and was recently appointed a Fintech Technical Advisor to the Bank of Ghana. Until his recent appointment, Kwame was with CGAP (a Financial Inclusion think tank within the World Bank Group) and is also a former General Manager of Mobile Financial Service in Tigo Ghana.

He’s a passionate advocate for financial inclusion and has consulted for several public & private sector institutions across 4 continents on DFS operations, policy and regulation.

  1. CLAUD KWEKU HUTCHFUL | Co-founder and CEO, DreamOval

Claud is a co-Founder and CEO of DreamOval Limited. He an innovative, agile, focused and a passionate technologist, alumni of Ashesi University and has a background in computer science.

DreamOval is one of the most promising Fintech on the continent that is growing to become the Paypal of Africa that is now powering Ghana’s largest companies with its cutting Edge Fintech Solution (SmartGrid Cloud) that powers Slydepay.

  1. CLARA ARTHUR | GM, Project & Business Development, GhIPSS

Clara Arthur is the General Manager, Projects and Business Development, Ghana Interbank Payments and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS). She is also the Executive Director, CHB Services Limited, an IT Management Consulting company providing strategic business direction and technical consulting on IT and e-payment systems. Clara is a former board member of Ghana Infrastructure Investment Board, the Bank of Ghana, and Logistics Connect.

  1. PATRICK GEORGE QUANTSON | Head, Digital Transformation, Stanbic Bank Ghana

Patrick Quantson is the Head of Digital Transformation at Stanbic Bank Ghana. He is popular for his progressive approach to innovation and passion for the use of relevant human-centred technology for social development. Patrick’s knack for identifying and delivering cost-effective and convenient digital solutions to traditional banking problems has made him an indispensable asset in his field of work.

Patrick has amassed a wealth of experience in his 12 years in the banking industry delivering digital payment/banking solutions by collaborating with Fintech service providers locally and across the continent. Patrick is a firm believer that Africa’s growth is intrinsically tied to empowering Africa’s vibrant youth to start and own sustainable businesses and dedicates his spare time to mentoring and coaching the next generation of business leaders.

  1. EBOW QUAYSON | Head, E-Business, Agricultural Development Bank

Ebow is a business executive with over 19 years of consumer, retail and corporate banking, strategic marketing, trade, management development, customer relations, sales and operations experience in financial services.  As a proven and consummate business professional, Ebow has vast experience under various managerial positions in the banking sector. Commencing his career as a customer service officer in Standard Chartered Bank, he rose through the ranks to become an associate director (Financial Institutions, Corporate Banking).

In October 2012, he joined First Atlantic Bank where he occupied the position of Group Head (Retail Banking), responsible for branch business growth, remittances and private banking.  A product of St. Augustine’s College and an alumnus of the University of Ghana, Patrick has a Bachelor of Arts degree (Economics & Political Science) and Executive Master’s degree in Business Administration (EMBA, Marketing) from the University of Ghana Business School.

  1. BERTHOLD GADAGBUI | Head, Mobile Financial Services, Ecobank Ghana Limited

Berthold Gadagbui has over 15 years’ experience in banking with expertise in strategies, implementation and sale and distribution of digital finance products, cards and electronic banking, design of mobile financial services and financial inclusion projects.

He is the Head of Mobile Financial Services with Ecobank Ghana and the Ecobank Group Product Manager Mobile Money and VAS point of contact for Anglophone and Francophone countries within the group, focusing on the design, setup, marketing, sales and distribution of services on the mobile channel and in-branch collections and payments.

Berthold has worked with MTN Ghana to launch the first-ever mobile payment service in Ghana since 2009 and also led the launch and marketing of Airtel Money (formerly known as Zain Zap), Tigo Cash and Vodafone Cash with strategic partnerships with the Mobile telecommunication companies. He is also one of the Group project members in charge of service delivery on the Ecobank Mobile App launched in 33 countries and a member of the Financial Inclusion Forum Africa.

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He holds an Executive Masters of Business Administration with specialization in IT Management from the Paris Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.

  1. IGNATIUS COBBINA | Head, Cards and e-Banking Operations, Ecobank Ghana

Ignatius is an experienced banker with a strong background in transaction banking, electronic banking and payments with over 20 years of experience. Ignatius has worked in audit, internal control and operations. He was at the forefront of one of the first payments network in Ghana known as PoS and eCard acceptance network built with the collaboration of three banks including Ecobank Ghana that eventually propelled the revolution of cards issuance and acceptance in Ghana.

Ignatius has worked with eProcess, a subsidiary of the Ecobank Group with 33 affiliates across Africa. There he was involved in the setting up of transactions banking, Group PAC Switch (the largest bank-led Switch across Africa stretching to 33 countries with a wide network of interoperable ATMs and PoS for the Ecobank Group).

Ignatius has a wealth of experience in PoS acquiring, mobile money, cash management, cards and payments and he a well-respected resource in the industry in Ghana and across the Ecobank network.

  1. OPHELIA AMA ONI | Strategy and Business Development for Inclusive Banking, Fidelity Bank

Ophelia is a digital finance professional who is passionate about financial and economic inclusion. Her area of experts in banking, mobile banking and branchless banking, product development for the mass market, business strategy, project management, relationship management, and marketing.

  1. LEOPOLD ARMAH| Divisional Head, Digital Banking and Alliances, Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana

Leopold Armah is a self-driven, results-oriented and strategic thought senior IT executive with over 17 years’ experience in delivering advanced solutions and implementing technical and business strategies for major entities. He has an enviable mix of experience and versatility in the automation of the public and private sectors of the Ghanaian economy, particularly within the telecommunication, banking, pensions, and insurance sub-sectors.

Leopold’s skills involve designing, setting up, re-engineering processes, managing cross-functional IT projects, methodologies and techniques and ability to lead and interact effectively with people towards a desired goal. He has spent the last five years delivering transformational value-adding electronic-driven change in addition to innovating impactful banking platforms that create new customer experiences, especially digital, social, mobile and other distribution changes.

Leopold’s info-trepreneural leadership within the Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana), in the last few years, had led to the innovation of various smart market leading and disruptive solutions within the Ghanaian market, such as myghpay, the biggest online and mobile payment platform in Ghana resulting in many awards and recognitions locally and internationally.

  1. GLORIA FAFA AWUNYO-AKABA | Sector Head Retail Banking, Zenith Bank Ghana

Gloria Awunyo-Akaba is the sector Head of Retail Banking in Zenith Bank Ghana with direct oversight of the bank’s money transfer. Gloria and her team are charged with driving the bank’s retail strategy with an emphasis on innovation in the digital space. Gloria has served in various capacities in the bank as Heads, money transfer, client services, third party operations and customer service. She has also mentored a number of staff members who have also been entrusted with leadership roles within the organisation. She has enriched her work experience with Barclays Bank and Marks and Spencer in the United Kingdom.

It is no surprise that while in charge of customer service, Zenith Bank was adjudged first and second runner- up in the banking awards for Ghana in 2006 and 2007. She won the best Customer Service Head award for the Head Office in 2007. Bank of Ghana Auditors in the same year highly commended her customer service skills to the management of the bank.

Gloria was a member of the Blue Skies Foundation board representing the interest of local communities. She is also on the board of the Immunization Sustainability Fund (ISFUND) in a non-executive capacity. Gloria is an alumnus of the University of Ghana Business School with an MSc in Development Finance.

  1.  BRIGHT KPLORLA AGBOTTAH | Market Representative, West Africa, UnionPay International

Bright is the market representative for UnionPay International in West Africa. His role involves working with the banks, switches, payment systems providers and merchants to grow the acquiring and issuing business within the West African region. Due to his relentless efforts, two banks are issuing UnionPay cards in Ghana while several banks are on the verge of issuing the payment cards in Nigeria.

Prior to joining UnionPay International, Bright worked with Clydestone Ghana from 2009 to 2015. He was in charge of payment systems implementation such as image-based cheque truncation and electronic funds transfer, ATMs, PoS terminal, e-commerce, m-commerce projects, and transaction switching acquiring and issuing of a bankcard.