SystemSpecs to Foster Entrepreneurship among Nigerian Youths

SystemSpecs, a Nigerian financial software solutions company, is set to foster entrepreneurial skills among youths and create growth opportunities in the ecosystem through SME programs and youth conferences.

John Obaro, managing director, SystemSpecs who spoke at an SME conference in Lagos, said that the future of any economy and nation is in the development and strength of small and medium scale enterprises, and so, it is only right to encourage small business organisations in Nigeria.

“Having seen the need in this area of the economy, SystemSpecs, as an organisation, as part of our ways to encourage the ecosystem, we will not only be sharing experiences but most importantly, organizing programs like this and trainings to help the ecosystem,” Obaro said.

Nigeria is said to have one of the youngest population in Africa. These youths are full of energy, skills and clarity of purpose. Experts say that with the right level of support, these raw skills will be harnessed to turn around the future of the country for good.

According to Obaro, with the rapid growth of the Nigerian population, the governmental structures cannot everyone, hence the need to promote SME development.

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“Many people cannot fit into the large organisation of governmental structures but can operate as smaller units of SMEs so the more SMEs, the better for all of us in terms of job creation and economic development. It is what we are able to do with SMEs that will create growth opportunities for the economy itself,” he said.

SystemSpecs is focusing on sharing experiences of a generation of startups and brainstorm with the younger generation on the next phase of growth.

“A lot of things are changing in our world, the generation to come would never believe that the world once existed without mobile phones, yet it just came into Nigeria about 20yrs ago. So necessarily, you must adapt to these changes.

“Robots are coming, a lot of artificial intelligence will be coming in, so industries also need to recognize that technology has a significant role to play in the growth of our economy and sustainability of SMEs,” Obaro said.