Male-Led Fintech Companies that  raise Funding more than Female-Led Fintech firms  is Sexism

Co-founder, PiggyVest, Odun Ewebiyi

Seye Joseph

The co-founder of PiggyVest, Odun Ewebiyi has described the reason most fintech companies that are led by men have been able to raise more funds than fintech companies led by women as sexism.

Ewebiyi said that it’s the inherent biases that people have against most financial technology companies led by women  has been the reason this is so..

According to her, ,out of 74 companies in 2019 that raised more than a million dollars in Africa, only 13 are led by women.

She pointed that there is no indication that most of those male-led fintech companies are smarter than those that are led by women.

“They are just given  more opportunities; these opportunities and resources should  be extended to women”, she canvassed.

“Women need more opportunities than forcing them to  have a male co-founder who would speak for them.”

She further said that women should be allowed to step up or else,  the fintech space will only be a male dominated space which would not be beneficial to anybody, as it will only churn out products without the consciousness of female participation.

Ewebiyi said that women are making giants steps  in the fintech space, this is the major reason women must be given the chance to excel.