PayAttitude Global to Become a Standalone Fintech Firm


FINTECH AFRICA has learned that UP, known as Unified Payment Services is concluding arrangements to make PayAttitude Global a standalone fintech firm.

PayAttitude Global was incorporated and granted license in 2013 by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to operate as a payment scheme. UP launched PayAttitude tag NFC solution in 2014.

PayAttitude Debit is a Chip+Pin Tag-type contactless solution based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that converts a customer’s mobile phone handset to an NFC device and links the handset to the customer’s debit account and ePurse account enabling the customer to debit his account(s) for different  contactless payment transactions.

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PayAttitude Global is the owner of the registered trademark PayAttitude, Person to Person (P2P) with a patent granted in Nigeria in 2017 with the associated pay-off line pay with just phone Number.

PayAttitude owns the patent for the innovative Technology and Process that enables phone number to be used for different transactions available across all channels ATM, POS and WEB.

These transactions are approved or authorized from ONLY the personal devices of the holder, customer of the PayAttitude bank and partner. PayAttitude’s owners are basically the same banks that own UP.