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Polaris Bank Unveils Mobile Banking App, Offers 50% Discount on Charges

Polaris Bank

Polaris Bank has unveiled its new mobile banking app and is offering customers a 50 per cent discount on all transfer fees for 30 days after registration on the app.

The bank disclosed that the new mobile banking app “is now available to users on both Google Play for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices”.

To take advantage of the 50 per cent discount on transfer fees, customers of the bank are encouraged to visit their respective App stores, search for “Polaris Mobile” or “Polaris Mobile Banking App” and download the app.

Managing Director/CEO, Tokunbo Abiru, explained that the launch of the new product is in line with the bank’s digital transformation plan, which is to further ensure it is a future-determining bank aligned with global trends of intelligent automation.

According to him, “As evolving customer preferences are enabled by new technology, we continue to seek innovative solutions that excite our customers. The Polaris Mobile, therefore, offers a refreshing tool to enhance the convenience and lifestyle of our customers who are always on the go.”

On migrating users from the old app to the new one, the Bank’s Head, E-Business, Biodun Alli, explained: “Customers who have the old app can still use it for the time being but are advised to immediately migrate to the new Mobile Banking App to experience a seamless banking experience.

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“The Bank is committed to leverage technology innovation for high-quality service delivery. Thus, to aid easy customer migration and registration, we have established a support portal for branches and other support teams to assist our customers with first-level and second-level support”.

The E-Business boss stressed that on “no condition should any customer give his/her log-in details, including passwords, to anyone – either physically, over the phone or on online platforms such as social media and messaging groups. The bank will never request for such information and the customer must remain security-conscious.

“This warning has become necessary so that our valued customers do not fall into the hands of internet fraudsters or scammers who might pose as the bank staff or workers with the aim of swindling customers.”

Just recently, the bank launched a Collateral-Free Salary Advance Product to Customers, a customer-led product that enables employees to get up to 50 per cent of their net monthly salary to meet basic needs before their next payday.