Lending Platform SellersFunding Expands to UK and Canada Offers ability to make and receive Payments around the World with Direct Funding into e-wallet 


SellersFunding, a US-based alternative lending platform for e-commerce sellers, has expanded into the UK and Canada.

Online businesses looking to scale, meet demand and avoid liquidity gaps can qualify for access to a pre-approved monthly sum of funds, removing the need for frequent approvals and the subsequent impact on credit scores.

The company is also launching a new version of its SellersFX platform, which gives sellers an overview of their past borrowing and available funds, along with consolidated global sales information.

The new and improved platform offers the ability to make and receive payments around the world and receive disbursements and funding directly into their e-wallet.

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“Now, borrowers who reside overseas but have a US entity can receive funding as well as access to an e-wallet that supports over 30 different currencies,” says the head of global business development for SellersFunding, Fabio Knijnik.

He added that “Our mission is to make obsolete those funding challenges that have been historically difficult for online sellers to navigate,” CEO Ricardo Pero said.


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