Infosys Finacle Digitises Standard Bank Branches Across Africa

Standard Chartered
Sunil Kaushal, CEO, Africa & Middle East at Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Bank has cut customer waiting and transaction times since adopting the Infosys Finacle Mobile Teller Solution at branches across Africa, reports Jane Connolly.

Since going live with the enterprise level, tablet-based solution at 107 branches in five countries – Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia and Eswatini – the bank has seen transaction turnaround times reduced by over 40%.

Features such as designated workflows for tellers, relationship managers and agents, offline operation capability, an inbuilt analytics engine and an interactive user interface have improved capacity. Tellers can now offer personalised services on the go and service multiple customer requests from a single window.

Other benefits have included a 50% reduction in paper use, 14% lower branch network costs and staff training time slashed from one week to about two hours.

“Ensuring world class customer experience is a key priority for Standard Bank and ensuring this at non-digital touch points such as branches was a challenge,” says Klaas Kruger, chief information officer of African Regions at Standard Bank.

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“The implementation of ‘Moby’, Finacle’s Mobile Teller Solution as we call it, has been a significant step in our journey towards customer centric digitalisation and process optimisation. ‘Moby’, in combination with our existing Finacle Omnichannel Hub, has been a game changer in helping us provide the best banking experience in Africa.”

The solution is in the implementation stage for Ghana and Tanzania and will be further phased in across the bank’s African Regions countries.