Firm Launches Platform ‘’Cashestate’’ to Connect African Investors to Global Market


Piqued by economic instability from developing nations, a new platform ‘’Cashestate’’ has been launched to connect African investors to opportunities in the global market for huge return on investments.

The platform was specially designed to provide easy access to the United State real estate market.

Cashestate enables Nigerians to conveniently invest in United State real estate market while reaping rental income and increased value.

The startup allows investors to deposit minimum investment of $1000 or pay the same amount in instalments of $100 through a naira card or bank account.

Cashestate’s deal team then pools these funds, identifies affordable properties in high demand areas in the US and purchase them in the investors’ name.

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Co-founder Eleanya Eke explained that, investor receives returns via rental cash flow and property gains over time. The current interest rate on investment on the platform according to him hovers between 10% and 12.5% annually.

The minimum holding period on the platform is one year although the company advises three to five-year holdings for the best results.

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He said, ‘’ Cashestate currently has ₦175 million under management and already has existing, returns producing assets in its portfolio.


‘’The platform also allows investors to transfer ownership units to others if they want to exit the investments. For the safety of investments, all property purchases are 100% insured against the worst case scenarios.

‘’The platform provides all the required information, returns, legal titles and other documents within its dashboard.’’

The firm promised to expand to other countries after solving the problem of connecting Nigerians to real estate market in America.