Breathe Life Partners Insurtech Startup, La Capitale Partners


La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services has signed a partnership agreement with Breathe Life, a Quebec startup, for the development of its digital application. This agreement will give La Capitale brokers access to a digital app that they can use to submit life insurance applications.

“La Capitale strengthened its commitment to a process of innovation and modernization in the last few years, and we have chosen the best partners to assist us in this endeavour. We believe that Breathe Life’s dynamism and agility will enable  to fulfill the promise it has made to its partners, namely that it is fast and easy to do business with La Capitale!” said Martin Delage, Executive Vice-President of Individual Insurance and Financial Services.

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“Consumer buying habits have changed dramatically, and savvy insurers understand that they have to give their advisors the tools they need in order to be able to provide a customer-centric service experience,” said Ian Jeffrey, Co-Founder and CEO of Breathe Life. “This partnership marks the launch of Breathe Life’s Advisor-Driven Module, a solution that uses all the knowledge acquired through products introduced in the market over 12 months ago, and we are excited to work with La Capitale!”

The module will enable us to satisfy the needs  clients and partners by simplifying and accelerating the processing of life insurance applications.