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Develop Your Startup Idea with a Mobile App and Get Technical Co-funding Support

WePrototype Technologies


Senior professionals who develop his business idea with a mobile app would get technical co-founding support from WePrototype Technologies.

WePrototype Technologies said it is focused on not only building a perfect app but taking an idea to the market and making sure it succeeded.

The CEO, WePrototype Technologies, Mayowa Okegbenle, maintained that technology had proved useful in the provision of solutions to business problems.

“How do you translate a great idea into something that works in the market? Will it ever be promising enough to quit your high paying job? Executing an idea through a mobile app requires more than software development skills. It requires a whole lot of entrepreneurship experience and this is the first WePrototype advantage.

“We don’t just build mobile apps, we ask questions. Why do you want to build this app? What’s the business objective? How will you make money? How would we define success? It is through these answers that we provide that “technical cofounder value. It is through that dialogue we can say, yes! This is how we are going to help you build it, and this is how we will make sure it succeeds,” he said.

WePrototype Technologies

Head of Client Relations, Maureen Omage, stated that the company was founded and built on years of business and technical expertise.

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“From our experience, one reason why people don’t seek professional help is because of the cost implications. At WePrototype Technologies, our payment plans are unique. We craft individual payment terms that are convenient for every client. Our payment plan can span several weeks or months to coincide with salary payments or other income,” Omage said.

She added that every start-up “needs a very good a technical co-founder that offers unique experiences to each client with the end users in mind and that is what WePrototype Technologies brings to the table. This is an experience that clients would not get from other IT outlets who just want to build apps and deliver.”