Ministry of Education is the most Important Ministry for Tech Development in Nigeria – Poll



The Ministry of Education has been adjudged as the most important government agency for the development of technology in Nigeria.

In an opinion poll administered by Lagos Fintech Week on its social media Twitter handle @finlagos, the respondents were asked: “Which is the most important ministry for Technology development in Nigeria?”

The poll had three multiple choices, which include the following:

  1. Ministry of Education
  2. Ministry of Science & Technology
  3. Ministry of Communications

56 per cent of the respondent selected the Ministry of Education, 33 settled for the Ministry of Science & Technology as their choice while 11% pitched their tents with the Ministry of Communications.

The poll result was in tandem with the global trends that indicates that a nation develops in relation to its achievement in education.

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This explains the reason why the Western world has focused attention on education as an instrument of launching the nations into the world of science and technology with consequential hope of human advancement in terms of living conditions and development of the environment.

This is because, education, in the life of a nation, is the live-wire of the industries and foundation of moral regeneration as well as the revival of its people.

Education also is the force and bulwark of any nation’s defence and, it has been observed that no nation rises above the level of its education.

Seeing from this perspective, education requires proper funding from the federal, state and local governments in order to produce the desired results which will stimulate national development.

In Nigeria, the country has not achieved great results from its education sector due to neglect on the part of successive administrations, corruption, and policy discontinuity, among others.

The poll indicates that to derive maximum dividends from the sector in Nigeria, all hands must be on deck.