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Chams partners First Access to launch microfinance app


Leading technology solutions provider, Chams Access Limited has partnered First Access Limited to launch a new application for microfinancing in Nigeria.

The Chief Executive Officer, Chams Access, Dumebi Obodo, said the partnership with First Access was as a result of the similar projects on digitising loan disbursement that the network-based company had done in other countries to enable them replicate same in Nigeria.

He said the platform ensured that people would be able to subscribe and connect technologically to any disbursement platform of their choice.

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He described the application as flexible and cost-effective as almost zero cost would be incurred to set it up.

Obodo said, “Only the payment of subscription fee to enable the user to monitor the onboarding process, monitor agents in the field from a single location, either online or offline is required.

“At Chams Access, we look at solving major problems and we believe that when we solve major problems, we do not need to worry about money as money would come automatically sooner than later, as long as all the microfinance banks are leveraging the platform.

“More importantly, it is about digitalisation and helping microfinance banks, as well as other microfinance lending companies to be able to digitally engage, digitally approve and digitally disburse loans, and we believe it will rub off positively at the end of the day on our company.