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Ugandan e-Payment and e-Commerce Startup Xente Expands to Nigeria


To leverage on the financially excluded, Ugandan Payments, e-Commerce and financial Services startup, Xente has announced expansion of its operations to Nigeria market to simplify financial transactions.

Founded in 2013, Xente develops tools that enable consumers and African businesses to transact efficiently and safely with each other cashless and across all platforms.

The startup is a multiplatform digital solution which develops ePayments, eCommerce, as well as financial services solutions.

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The platform enables users buy recharge cards, pay utility bills and pay subscription among a few other things. Xente also supports a pay later feature that allows users make payments for the above services on credit. The pay later feature was recently unveiled in December 2018.

Over the last six years, Xente has grown gradually. According to Ms Lyn Tukei, Xente’s head of Public Relations, the platform now has over 20,000 users.

Xente’s CEO, Allan Rwakatungu said, ‘’we are proud to have a second home, nothing makes us happy than to sit at Africa’s first growing economy. We are more than happy to provide every Nigerian citizen with a secure, convenient and stress-free online buying experience,”

Coming to Nigeria, the startup will compete alongside major e-commerce companies including Jumia, Konga Careers24 among others.