ALP Seminar 2019

SystemSpecs, Fempower urge women to take careers in technology


As a result of the limited number of women in the technological field, a group; Fempower Africa, a social enterprise that trains, teaches and equips African women with technological, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills, in partnership with SystemSpecs, has called on women to take career paths in technology.

The group, which also restated its commitment towards women empowerment, emphasised that women are pivotal to society and should be involved in technological innovations.

Speaking at the Fempower International Women’s Day celebration ‘Balance for better: Diversity and Inclusion, Women leading in technology’ in Lagos, last week, Ojomo Mercy Agada, Software Quality Assurance, SystemSpecs, noted that it was a myth that the technological world was for men and women were not expected in such fields. She encouraged women to go into tech areas because it was vital and easy as long as one was determined and dedicated to learn in such fields.

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“We are creating the awareness to tell women they can make it in tech, it is not a male-dominated world. The tech world is vast so my advice to women is to discover their tech skills and create a niche for themselves.”

On her part, Victoria Etim-Bassey, software developer at SystemSpecs, speaking on disruptive technology, encouraged women to come into the coding world, adding that having more disruptive technologies and innovations in Nigeria is a positive thing as things will be done a whole lot better.

Also, in her keynote address, Olawumi Onawunmi, director of success, Andela Nigeria, said  women have special powers, can multi-task and can make a huge difference in the tech world, if they decide to key into the opportunities and take career paths therein, adding that women should not be scared of failure but see them as stepping stones in their journey of technological success.