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Determination and Passion Critical Factors Behind Arit of Africa’s Transformation as IT Firm of Repute

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Arit of Africa Limited, Ronke Okeremi

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Arit of Africa, arguably the oldest information and technology [IT] firm in Nigeria established in 1974, Ronke Okeremi has disclosed that the two critical factors that have led to the recent transformation of the firm as an IT company of repute is “passion and determination”, saying that those influences have assisted the company to renew itself.

“There is no magic. It is completely process driven based on vision, discipline, integrity and hard-work. I believe Arit of Africa is one of the oldest IT firms in the industry, as we have been around for over four decades since 1974.  Arit of Africa was founded by a woman, who together with her twin sister, were the first Nigerian female engineers. Today, we are still standing strong and expanding our offerings, year in year out.

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Arit of Africa Limited has always been known in the past for providing hardware infrastructure and support services and a very successful one at that, having partnered with top original equipment manufacturers [OEMs] when the firm partnered with the likes of Compaq, Tally Genicom, IBM, Radio Shack”, she said.

She explained that what it took for the company to transit to its present position was a bit challenging when the company expanded its offerings to include solution provision, deploying applications and working with security software distribution channel partners across West Africa.

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While advising young entrepreneurs, Okeremi said: “A young entrepreneur must be very smart, hardworking, focused and consistent in whatever he or she has set out to do.  The person also needs to have the ability to overcome challenges quickly, and have the mentality that there is always a way out of any obstacle no matter what. More so, an entrepreneur needs to understand that his/her validation must come from within and not from outside.”

She disclosed that the company has annual corporate social responsibility budget to sponsor small business owners and small start-ups.

However, she urged the federal government to do “honest self-education to understand ventures and initiatives that are capable of creating value for Nigeria on a long term. Then the government should assemble a team of competent people who are disciplined enough to follow the path of the programme that has have been developed. Smart governments know that it is not how much money that you throw at things that create value; it is how much value you put in things that create money”, she concluded.