ALP Seminar 2019

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated Successfully Migrates from CLIREC Classic to CLIREC Web 15.0


Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) in Accra, Ghana, has successfully completed the integration of CLIREC Web version deployed by Precise Financial Systems [PFS].

Having deployed and used CLIREC Classic 14.0 version for over a decade, ETI, Accra has migrated to CLIREC Web 15.0 version in compliance with modern technology capabilities.

ETI’s Project Manager, Prince Baffuor-Acheamfuor, who believed that moving CLIREC to the Web is the next step for ETI, explained that the initial handshake and sanity between CLIREC, Flexcube, and Postilion were successful, as such; the bank would monitor it for the next couple of weeks to stabilize the system and fix teething issues which may occur.

“All affiliates with the exception of Paris and EDC have been successfully on-boarded and users trained.  The completion of this project provides us with a more scalable platform.

“PFS has done exceptional work in meeting the expectation of the business while counting on PFS continuous support to address post-live activities and the onboarding of pending affiliates to CLIREC,” he said.

CLIREC, the prime reconciliation software, deployed in 36 countries is proudly Made in Nigeria, which can be customized upfront or during implementation to handle any reconciliation task.

With a unique friendly user interface, the same reconciliation tool has been coded to enhance productivity and save time, which can be spent to solve other challenges.

CLIREC can save at least 65% of time spent on the reconciliation process and it bests its peers on its simple and precise results.