Old Software firms, Starups to collaborate for tech development- ISPON

PFS, MD/CEO, Yele Okeremi


In bridging the gap between old software firms and emerging startups in the country, Institute of Software Practitioner of Nigeria (ISPON) has promised to bring the old order and the new order together to create vibrancy in the sector.

The President of ISPON, Dr. YeleOkeremi who stated this disclosed that the idea is to leverage and build on experience capacity of old software and the new initiative merging in the market through startups.

He believes that the collaboration will ultimately fastrack development of tech business in the country.

’’The current leadership of ISPON is working hand in hand with the startup community to ensure a virtuous cycle of wealth creation. The truth is that the older companies have a lot to learn from the startups.

I have had the opportunity to sit with these young Nigerians and I am always amazed at the competence and wisdom that come from them.

Many of them are a lot more competent than the older generation. What differentiates the older generation is simply time and experience.Our mandate as the leadership of ISPON is to completely bridge the gap which we have already started.

If you speak with many of the startups, they did not see value in ISPON until recently because they did not believe in the ways and manner that we have conducted software business in Nigeria.’