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‘Business Owners Should Provide Efficient Services for Clients to Raise Capital’ – CEO TeamApt, Eniolorunda

TeamApt CEO, Tosin Eniolorunda
TeamApt CEO, Tosin Eniolorunda

Seye Joseph


The perennial challenge of not having enough capital to run their businesses is a major hurdle most nascent entrepreneurs face when starting out. With several options to source fund including loans from friends and family, personal savings, sales of assets etc, many owners still are not finding it difficult to attract fund.

By defiling the above means of sourcing fund, the CEO of TeamApt, a fintech company that has positioned itself to create exceptional financial technology solutions to financial institutions in Nigeria, Tosin Eniolorunda has explained that the delivery of efficient service and value creation is one of the major ways of raising capital to start any enterprise.

Describing how he started TeamApt, Eniolorunda said that any business that is ready to create values for clients will definitely get the reward.

He believes that the best way is to deliver what the customers are paying off, and to push for evaluation.

“We have been funded through this and it has been a mark of success. We believe that success in business is basically customers rewarding you for efficient value you’ve created. When a business is business to business, what it means is that you do not need to pursue models where customers do not need to pay you up front in business to business models, customers would pay you when you deliver value unlike business to consumer models where you just want to acquire customers.”

Eniolorunda mentioned that as part of efficient services delivery TeamApt has offered to clients, the company has been rewarded with millions of dollars in revenue in less than three years of operations. This implied that the company did not raise fund from investors.

The graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University informed that being an entrepreneur is an integral part of happiness and that explains “why I am an entrepreneur today”.

He added that, “Entrepreneurship is not necessarily for everybody. As an entrepreneur some people would also work for you, but what really matters is either you are an entrepreneur or you are not an entrepreneur you must create something for yourself or you work with somebody to create something”.