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Life Goes On


I have just lost some vital data to virus attack. It is difficult to explain the sequence of event. I discovered that I no longer have access to some of the regular files on my desktop. No. Do not blame me, please. I am not a careless user. The opposite is the case. No. Do not judge me for not installing antivirus. I do. Or did I? Let me show you what I mean, would you? Thanks.

I clean my system every morning. That is, clean the keyboard, the screen, to rid the system of dust and particles and dirt. This same system is transferred into the system. I run the AV daily. I scan the entire system. I would not be slack because I have very sensitive information, clients information, business information, book ideas, third party ideas kept in incubation, patiently waiting to graduate from the nursery to the hatchery; and from the hatchery back to the nursery again. I called this back from the Womb to the Tomb.

However, the enormity of the information I carry in my i7 windows 10, core vPro laptop is more than a gigabyte. It is a terabyte. I know this because I have words flowing through my fingers, through my system, through colleagues’ emails into my email, through my flash drive, and all of these words end up in the belly of my hard disc. I backup this in my external hard drive. This is how I work.

Files that I am working on are kept on my desktop until they are moved into the backroom of my C-drive. Majority of the files that have been closed; no, not closed; files that I do not need immediately, are kept in my C-drive. These files are legion. In addition, I kept these files in my external hard drive. However, while I was agonizing over lost data, my colleagues sympathized, but not empathized, with me. That is why it ended. It is my cross. It is my cross.

To my colleagues, life goes on. To me, life stands still. Time is frozen. My heart aches. How do I recover from this disaster? Shh, it is not a disaster. It is a slow-down. I need to get up and find a lasting solution. Is it a challenge? Yes. I can sleep without those files. I can live without the files.

Calmed, I can begin the process of recovering the files by scanning some of the physical documents, search my email boxes, forage colleagues’ emails for some of the documents, and keep them safe in my C-drive and back up the files in my external hard drive. That I can do. That I will do. Obla di obla da, life goes on.

Are you in my shoes? Or in a much deeper hole? Pull yourself up. Look at the brighter side of life. Do not erect a lamp post to your problem. Do not worship it daily. To make the best of your challenges, be like me; write about your challenges. Whichever way you have chosen to walk, remember, you are on your own. Na me lose data to virus attack.