GTBank to Open APIs to Deepen Customer Adoption – Deji Oguntonade, Head, Fintech & Innovation, GTBank

Head, Fintech & Innovation, GTBank , Deji Oguntonade
Head, Fintech & Innovation, GTBank , Deji Oguntonade

The over 11 million GTBank retail customers in Nigeria might be in for a big treat when management of the bank decides to opens up its APIs.

Giving the hint in Lagos at an exclusive chat, Head, Fintech and Innovation, GTBank, Deji Oguntonade explained that, “We are looking at opening up our API. It is the next phase to accelerate innovation.

“It has to be much quicker to deepen customer adoption and loyalty. The banks cannot do it alone. We have to open up and collaborate in a secure and effective manner with a third party that would offer solutions to our customers”, Oguntonade said.