Unleashing the Power of Every Company’s Data

DATATICS is disrupting preconceived ideas about Big Data around the world. Blending innovative thinking with proven best practices, a team of experts is enhanced by its diverse experience and a unique perspective that believes the potential of untapped, unused data belongs to every company.

“We see data differently”, Founder-CEO, Datatics, Koffi Dossou begins, “our approach reflects it. The potential of data to transform businesses shouldn’t be limited to big companies with unlimited budgets in the world’s richest markets. We’ve brought it within reach of every company, everywhere, and that commitment is seen in everything we do. With billions of customers, transactions and data points, no industry stands to benefit from Big Data more than the financial industry.”

90% of Business Data Goes Unharvested

DATATICS built a platform to harness missed opportunity by unleashing data’s full potential. Clients are empowered by advanced analytics, tools, and smart data movement. Previously unused data is fully leveraged into actionable insight that triggers confident, data-driven decision-making.

“For the financial industry, the benefits are remarkable; they’re not only easily accessible but touch virtually every aspect of operations making great things possible. We won’t make too good to be true promises. Instead, our clients get real results they see every day in the form of greater customer satisfaction and sustainable ROI,” Dossou added.

He offered thumbnails of the 12 transformative DATATICS benefits for the financial industry, each powered by the platform that is customized for each client and constantly improving.
Improved Forecasting: Validated predictability, a competitive advantage, stronger sales, customer retention and more.
Superior KPIs: Deeper understanding of value-drivers measured against financial and non-financial KPIs.
Predictable Working: Capital Statistical confirmation and correlation from data points organization-wide.
Regulatory Compliance: Simplified sanctions black list checking, reduced risk exposure that’s efficient and at lower cost.
Fraud Detection: Earlier detection of fraudulent, uncharacteristic behaviour sooner and cost-effectively.
Risk Management: Customer by customer, customized rules, across all divisions and supported by massive data.
Predictive Behavioral Insight: Anticipate and mitigate rather than react; defaults to business spending, customer retention and more.
Sentiment Analysis: Invaluable customer sentiment analysis of emails, texts, calls, social media insight drives ROI.
Sales-Marketing Automation: Better understanding of customer needs enables addressing them proactively and confidently.
Enhanced Compliance Reporting: Dynamic insight and more meaningful customer relationships along with reduced costs.
Cost-Effective Data Archival: DATATICS platform and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is more efficient and costs less.
Data Movement: From every location and every device, curate, extract, stream, transform, load, detect and more.

Team Built to Exceed Expectations
Our vision is to serve businesses of all sizes in all industries, with an intuitive platform, tools and strategies to achieve their goals. We do it with an experienced, tested team of experts that have guided start-ups to Fortune 500’s worldwide. Dedicated to unlocking the power of Big Data, our team’s diversity only begins with its geographical origin.

Comprising software engineers, data scientists, IT architects and PhD’s from different disciplines, it is this broader context that provides a uniquely deeper understanding of economic, cultural and political imperatives that is a true competitive advantage for the financial industry.

“DATATICS is a leaner, more nimble organization and we respond faster than most competitors,” Dossou said. “We’re proud that we can scale-up as easily as we scale-down, giving every client of every size customized, more personal service, never a one-size-fits-all solution in a box.”
To learn more, contact us at company@dataticsintel.com or visit www.dataticsintel.com.