Editor’s Pick: Five Reasons We Need GTWorld Banking App

Fintech Africa witnessed the unveiling of the GTWorld, the new digital banking app of Guaranty Trust Bank, the regional leading lender. After a comprehensive review, our editor picked five reasons we all need GTWorld.

Cardless withdrawals: The activation of cardless withdrawal on the ATM by customers on the app is a feature that should excite the market. This means, you can withdraw cash from the ATM even without your bank cards.  The cardless withdrawal is on GTBank and other banks ATMs.

Biometric Authentication: With GTWorld, transaction authentication is possible with fingerprint and facial recognition. This will be a relief to customers who often forget several login passwords used for different digital platforms.

Salary Advance: Activation of salary advance on the GTWorld should excite some customers. Salary advance is a salary-based temporary overdraft facility. It enables staff of private companies and government agencies access 50% of their net monthly salary in advance. This is possible on the GTWorld app. Salary advance is available within 24 hours for customers with salary accounts domiciled in GTBank and active for over 3 months.

Grow your savings: One of the reasons I like this app is that customer can activate the bank’s two saving products that I consider useful for most Nigerians – GT Target and Spend 2 Save. GT-Target is a high interest bearing account that encourages financial discipline through savings. This product was designed to enable you save towards a specific target – whether it’s a wedding, holiday, new car or higher education. Whatever your financial goal is, the GT Target account can help you achieve it.

Spend 2 Save allows you to treat savings like any other recurring expense; something paid for regularly. Whether your goal is to build up short-term or long-term savings, a Spend 2 Save account can make it easier to get started. It allows you save between 1 to 5% of all expenses made from your GTBank Account.

 On the Go: For those who want their financial app to do more than financial services, GTWorld app has more for you to occupy your day and make your life enjoyable. The app is packed with services such as GTlocate, GTBtraffic, Ireport, socials, and social media entertainment.