‘Developing Software Will Boost Nigerian Economy’ – Obaro, MD, SystemSpecs

One of the challenge that is hitting our nation as country in terms of natural resources is the depleting of the crude oil. Crude oil was first explored in 1957 in Oloibiri, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Since then, it has created major opportunities for the country which has not been well utilized to build infrastructures.

With the falling price of oil in the global market, Nigerian economy has not been performing to its optimum scale in the last five years.

In the effort to provide another solution to salvage the country from its mono-economy, the Executive Director of System Specs, John Obaro has urged the Federal Government to shift attention to software development to save the country from the looming recession.

Obaro said that technology provides an alternative for us, and software is one area that can create opportunities and young people are showing interest in it.

“We need to encourage innovation, create atmosphere for people to blossom. Encourage people to come out with apps, many will fail but we just need a few success to do well in Nigeria and then hit the global market”, he said.

He said that foreign exchange is a major challenge in the country that is forcing people to look at alternative ways of providing solutions to challenges in Nigeria.

“The quality of software solutions available in the country is increasing on a faster note. It is going to be difficult to justify why you have to look at number project around at least there is a consciousness that you can look at Nigerian software”

He opined that things will improve more because we now have compelling reasons to look around us to provide more solutions.